Invisalign aligners are produced from USP Class VI medical grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins and are worn over your teeth, placing gentle pressure on them to straighten them. Each set of custom-made aligners is worn for a few weeks. Then you get a new set to advance your treatment. This way, your teeth are slowly moved into the correct positions. Aligners are available for teens and adults and produce results identical to conventional brackets for most cases. 

Invisalign retainers are produced from USP Class VI medical grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins. Tests have been conducted to determine the biocompatibility of the material of the aligners and retainers and show the material to be biocompatible and pass all applicable regulatory requirements and thresholds for human wear in the mouth. Aligners and retainers do not contain Bisphenol-A nor phthalate plasticizers. Of course, as with any medical device, you should consult with your health professional about your aligner or retainer treatment and any applicable risks of use. 

Clinical photos and a digital intra-oral scan is captured during your first visit. Your expectations and complexity of the case are then evaluated by Invisalign and the staff at Deer Run Dentistry. A thorough plan is devised and reviewed with you during the second consultation. Your aligner trays are then fabricated and delivered to you at your convenience. We believe in a close monitoring program for our patients which may consist of weekly or monthly visits to assess your progress. Invisalign's clear technology utilizes the world's most advanced aligner which fits and feels more comfortable than brackets or other aligners while delivering superior results up to 50% faster with greater predictability. 

Deer Run Dentistry is now offering free Invisalign consultations for new patients. 

Invisalign Treatment Outcomes